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Everest Parenterals: A leading Nepali pharmaceutical company

Everest Parenterals: A leading Nepali pharmaceutical company

Everest Parenterals Pvt. Ltd. is the first pharmaceutical industry in Nepal to bring the production of large and small volume parenteral, eye/ear drops under one roof. It was established in 2015 with the objective of making Nepal self-reliant in the production of injectables with high quality and affordable prices.

Everest Parenterals Pvt. Ltd., located in ward no 9 of Jitpur, Simara is carrying a huge responsibility due to its high potential and hopes from people.

The plant was established following the criteria of WHO/GMP. It covers an area of ​​more than 85,000 square feet. The industry has state-of-the-art laboratories and high-tech R&D centers.

In the first phase of the covid pandemic, VTM (Virus Transport Medium) kits were lacking. In the absence of the kits, Everest Parents Pvt. Ltd., as per the guidelines of the CDC, built the country’s first VTM kit.

Mahesh Ranasaria, the founder of the Ranasaria Group, founded the industry in 2015 with the idea that the Ranasaria Group would do something new and different for the Nepalese people in their own country. Dependence on foreign aid should be minimized and Nepalis should be able to get high-quality medicine at affordable prices.

Mahesh Ranasaria’s thoughts and ideas gave direction to the dream that grew in his mind and finally, in 2015, he established “Everest Parenterals Pvt. Ltd.” He and his team’s tireless efforts led to the establishment of “Everest Parents Pvt. Ltd.” which has established a distinct identity in the Nepali pharmaceutical market with dozens of quality products.

For the first time, the industry will also bring state-of-the-art Eurohead technology to Nepal, which has eliminated the risk of infection, said Umang Ranasaria. He noted that doing so may slightly increase the cost of production, but since his company is not just profit-oriented, they are going to move forward by prioritizing higher quality production.

The industry will produce 2,000 bottles of Saline water, 2,500 bags of Saline water, 7,000 glass vials, and 14,000 eye/ear drops per hour.

CEO Ranasaria expressed the belief that in the near future, we can not only reduce the dependence on the import of medicines, but we can export them.

Umang Ranasaria also aims to make the nation proud by exporting medicines produced in his industry and bringing foreign currencies to Nepal. This will reduce the import deficit to some extent.

He added that the lack of employment opportunities in the country today has forced the youth to migrate abroad for employment, adding that the exodus of the country’s leading youth is certainly a matter of concern and misfortune. Everest Parenterals Pvt. Ltd. has provided employment to 250 people directly and thousands indirectly.

This number is likely to increase significantly in the near future.

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