Everest Parenterals is one of the exceptional companies in Nepal that has an independent Research & Development department in its plant. Provided with its own lab equipment and machinery, the R&D department is self-reliant in carrying out its operations.

Our R&D team is in continuous pursuit of developing new formulations and improving the existing ones. The team works in a proper environment fostering excellence and innovation, which are most essential to develop complex and challenging first-time combination products.

We spare no effort in improving the lives of our people. Our pharmacists are passionate about exploring new innovative ways to mitigate the health problems of people.

Highlights of R&D

  1. Self-contained Area with dedicated AHU.
  2. Complete R&D setup with own analytical and formulation lab.
  3. Furnished with GMP model machines that are capable of manufacturing all types of non-sterile dosage forms.
  4. Complete lab setup with dedicated HPLC (DAD detector) for testing of trials and stability batches.
  5. Equipped with multipurpose R&D machine, single machine capable of performing 20+ different tasks.
  6. Fully SS 304 and 316 furnished.
  7. Works with the concept of quality design.