Brand Name: EVA TEARS
Generic Name: Carboxymethyl Cellulose
Strength: 0.5% W/V
Volume: 10ml
Therapeutic category: Eye Lubricant; Artificial Tears

Description: EVA TEARS Eye Drops is a sterile ophthalmic solution of Carboxymethyl cellulose Sodium. It is clear, colorless to slightly yellow solution supply in single dose container.

How EVA TEARS works?

 Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium has no pharmacological effect. It has a high viscosity, resulting in an increased retention time in the eyes. It lubricates the surface of the eye and moisturizes the ocular surface cells by restoring natural osmotic balance.

Therapeutic Indication:

EVA TEARS Eye drops are used as a lubricant to relieve irritation and discomfort due to dryness of the eyes (such as burning, irritation, dryness or dry eye) or due to exposure of the eyes to wind or sun, for the treatment of the symptoms of dry eye and as a protectant against further irritation.

Dosage and administration:

Instill one to two drops in the affected eye(s) as needed or as directed by the physician.

Prescribing Information: PDF Download

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